Why Use EzELrn For Your E learning Development?

EzELrn is the leading choice for a Custom E Learning Development Program with solutions that are convenient and cost-effective. For new hire orientation and employee training, businesses will spend a great deal on materials, office space for training time, and other physical resources. Our online training platform allows you to train your employees without spending money on office space and printed materials. Another way you can save on training with our E learning technology platform is by having all of your training materials streamlined in our system and courses designed to your preferences and specifications. You won’t have the cost of paying an employee to train others, and your courses can be used over and over with ease.


We provide full reporting for your courses and training, and those who complete your e learning courses will earn a certificate of completion. The courses you can build are unlimited, and inviting trainees is simple. Course-building and trainings have never been easier – we know you’ll feel your time, resources, and finances are being maximized and trainees will enjoy the flexibility that your online courses offer. To learn more or to try your free demo, register today!

Design Your Courses or Have Us Do It

Course-building for ELearning may seem like a complex task that is not easily undertaken, but with EzELrn’s Custom E Learning Development program, you’ll have everything you need to create and design comprehensive and exhaustive course at your fingertips or we can do it all for you. All commonly used document types, as well as images, videos (via YouTube), charts, diagrams, and schematics, can be uploaded to your course with ease.

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There are 4 formats available for quizzes that can be easily integrated into your course. It can be difficult to fully communicate instruction, depending on the subject matter, and that’s why you can add narration to any portion of your course. By  designing your own course, you can ensure all of the materials you feel are most relevant and essential to training are incorporated in a user-friendly manner. You’ll love how easy it is to train employees with the EzELrn platform – contact us today!

Our Features for Course and Training Management

We make the management of your courses and E Learn training resources easy. You can send training sessions and invite trainees via email, without the hassle of logging into another site. Users can be imported individually or via Excel, and users can be grouped, making training even easier. To promote and protect your brand, your courses can be branded with your logo. Once training is completed, a certificate of completion and full dynamic reporting is offered. You’ll find that EzELrn’s platform is easy to use and will get you the results you need and want. Your employees that are required to take your courses will also enjoy how user-friendly courses can be made, and the flexibility of completing training online. To learn more about EzELrn’s platform and resources, reach out to us today for more information or to get started.


EzELrn Pricing

We want you to be able to design the ELearning courses that fit your specific needs at a cost that is affordable for you. We offer a few different options to help you get started, from a smaller “Basic” package, to a larger and more comprehensive “Enterprise” package, with the “Business” package in between. Pricing is as low as $1 per person per course, and no higher than $5 per person. Our online training platform will allow you to convert your current means of training to online training at the best possible price. We know you’ll enjoy the value in what we offer – the best and most customizable training and online courses at a competitive cost. Contact us to help you get started with the design and the building of your online courses. Register and reach out to us to learn more about our pricing options and what they entail.