New Hire Orientation Program

Orientation for New Hires

How it works

Send us your new hire training materials in the following formats: PowerPoint slides, videos, pictures, documents, web links and questions if needed. We will assemble them with your specific direction into a program that is dynamic and interactive with full reporting on each trainee. Once your program is assembled you will be provided with a reusable link to your program that can be emailed or simply clicked on to start training. Every time someone views your program a comprehensive report is emailed to you with detailed information like Name, date and time to complete, and of course the answer to all of your questions. Still not sure Ezelrn is right for you? We can build a free demo with your material to help you evaluate our services. Contact us at [email protected].

When employers first bring new hires on their team, orientations are done to ensure the new employee is able to integrate and become a valuable member of the team. When orientation is done

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Custom built new hire orientation program.

properly, it can strengthen employee retention, as well as motivation and overall job satisfaction for the individual. Here at EzELrn, we provide new hire training resources to ensure you can create the most effective orientation for your new employees. We offer an online training platform so you can create an orientation that best suits your needs, as well as delivers essential information to the new hire. Employee orientation typically serves to: Train new employees on the basics of their jobs, Provide safety training, Offer soft skills training, Introduce the new hire to the company, the products or services the company offers, the culture of the company, company policies, and company expectations

When new employee training is done properly, the new hire grows both professionally and personally, which will better both the company and the individual, as well as increase productivity. Research suggests the best employee orientation focuses not primarily on the company and its culture, but rather on the individual. When the emphasis of orientation is refocused onto the employee’s personal identity, customer satisfaction and employee retention are strengthened even further. When an employee’s unique and individual strengths are encouraged to be used for his or her job, the employee’s productivity is boosted. The best way to do this is on day one – orientation day.

Options for Online Training

EzELrn’s online training platform will allow you to customize training as you see fit, so you can maximize orientation and other types of training to cultivate your employees’ skills, individual strengths, and expertise. Even though an emphasis on the individual is essential, corporate policy and expectations still need to be communicated. You have the flexibility with our platform to integrate whatever you see fit. Applications of our platform include:
New employee orientation
Custom e Learning courses
Safety training and courses
OSHA guideline updates and training
Sales training
Products demos
Education and personal interest
Company news and updates

When you develop custom e Learning courses, you can brand them with your logo to promote and protect your brand. There are so many options available for the customization of courses – you will love the freedom you have to integrate your preferences. Contact us today to get started with your custom e Learning course. We offer different pricing options, so we can find a solution that fits your needs!

Why Choose EzELrn?

The next time you’re preparing orientation training for a new hire, remember that EzELrn offers the best in customization. No two companies’ orientation training are the same, so there is no “one size fits all” solution for new hire courses or materials out there. Whether you’re training a single individual or a large group, or a person experienced in your field or someone who is just entering the industry, our platform will allow you to meet the needs of your new hires and your company as a whole. Starting at $500  you will get one of our dedicated professionals that will build your 30 minute course. To learn more about our products and services, and how we can enhance your new hire orientation and training, contact us today!