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Computer and Network Security for Users

Preventing one crypto virus infection for most small to mid-size businesses will more than pay for this training course, in many cases multiple times over.

Jason P.
Computer & Network Engineer for Small Businesses

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In This Training Course We Show Employees:

- What the latest phone and online scamers are up to

- How crypto viruses work

- The importance of not plugging in personal devices

- When to call I.T.

- Devices that can get infected

- What to look out for online and in e-mails

- Pre and post quiz so you know what they learned

Cyber Security 101

Stephen Cobb CISSP

Senior Security Researcher

68% of working adults in the U.S. have never recieved any computer security training 

73% of U.S. adults who use social media have never received any type of online safety training.​

Unbudgeted expenses for a  breach is estimated at $190 per record expose.

Source:  Here

Source : ponemon institute.

Crypto Virus infection

Gil Hazaz

Guest Expert

I was well aware of ransomware but that was the first time I’ve ever heard of an ultimatum given, with a threat to go public with the hijacked data. To my outmost surprise, a simple “Just pay them and let’s get it over with” came from the unexpected FBI direction.

Monday morning suprise

“Good Morning, we’ve encrypted your customer data files. Failing to pay by Midnight will result in publishing all those personal records publicly.”

Source: Here

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