About Us

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Welcome to EzELrn – one of the leading Custom E learning companies that allows you to create, design, and build your own custom online training and courses. We are passionate about what we do, and we exist to provide the tools necessary to assist you in converting all of your in-office or in-person training to streamlined online training. We are committed to our customers, and that means we offer the most affordable, high quality solutions on the market. You will see a world of difference when you take your training online. It will be easier for you to ensure all of your materials are up to par and as you want them, and your trainees can take classes anywhere they have an internet connection. Contact us today to learn more about our E learning authoring tools.

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What Sets Us Apart

When it comes to Custom E learning development, EzELrn is a cut above the rest! We’ve perfected our online training platform to ensure you can build courses that fit your specific needs. A few of the ways we’ve set ourselves apart from other E-learning companies include:

Management and Reporting – You can brand your courses, use your own domain or sub-domain for privacy, import users individually or via an Excel file, group users to send specific types of training to, customize email text, send out certificates of completion, , and send training sessions via email. We provide full dynamic reporting and export via PDF or Excel for your courses and training.

Savings – Whether you need to update current employees or train those who have just been hired, you’ll save money by doing training online. With online training and courses, you won’t have to worry about the cost associated with printed items and other materials, the cost of using office space, the cost to have an employee or employees to facilitate the training, and other physical resources. These items are not a consideration for online training.

User-Friendly Platform – No login is required to send training sessions via email and to invite trainees via email. Your online courses can be designed and customized to walk your trainees through every step, ensuring the training process is effective and thorough.

Customizable Options – Images, an unlimited number of videos (via YouTube), narration, diagrams, schematics, and charts are all options that you can add to your online courses to ensure your trainees are able to understand and retain the material.

To learn more about our platform, contact us today!