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EzElrn is Easy e Learning

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We are different from every other training platform. Trainees don't login to a website to start or continue to train. Trainees are sent a link via email when training is assigned. They can leave the session at anytime and come back and pickup where they left off. No more forgetting user names and passwords that have to be reset before the trainee can start training. Simplifying the process and getting trainees up to speed and on track, fast!

Great Customer Service - Easy to use software. Great staff to help you along the way. We are glad we chose EzElrn.

Bill A.
Got Safety? LLC

Create Your Course in Under 1 Hour

One click of your mouse and you are creating something awesome. No limit to the number of courses or length of courses.

Use Your Own Materials

PowerPoint, images, video, downloadable documents, audio, and WebLinks to external data.

We are Great for

Training your employees, on-boarding new hires, pre-employment testing, certifying employees, partners and many more things we probably haven't thought of yet.

Add Questions

Multiple choice, multiple choice loop, drag and drop, true / false and written answers.

Jason P. Lead Programmer

Our customers are always #1! We have added more features and functionality by customer request than any other online training platform.

  • Add Trainees
  • Build Course
  • Send Session
  • Reports

You can see when your assigned course was sent out, when the trainee started and finished their course. This is also accompanied with an optional email notification you can opt to receive when the user starts and finishes the course.  Keeping you up-to-date in real time.

With our reporting tool you can utilize three main features;​

1. Generate reports by selecting users/groups

2. Create reports in a PDF file, or an Excel spreadsheet

3. You can also send a reminder email to trainees and groups to start or finish their current training session

The training link is resent in the reminder so there is no digging around to find a buried email.


We can customize EzElrn with your domain name, logos, and certificate of completion. Making our product look and feel like your own. You have the ability to experience all the features of a big e Learning program without the overhead of programmers and server maintenance that is required to keep a business like this going strong. Contact us for more information on custom branding.

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